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Pagan Elder Education Preservation Sanctuary

The founder of The Tree of Life Interfaith Sanctuary (TOLIS), Sarah Heartsong, journeyed through and in many pagan spaces since being a “baby pagan” in the early 1990’s. She started getting “spirit pushes” to capture stories and Wisdom she hears, especially from the eldest of the spiritual teachers of Nature-Centered (pagan) Paths, whose stories are going to be lost if they are not recorded. She talked to her dear friend, Denis Merrill, elder Druid about the idea and together they took the idea to the board of TOLIS, Spring Equinox, 2018. The Pagan Elder Education Preservation Sanctuary (PEEPS) was born!


PEEPS is an oral history project of the TOLIS bringing together Pagan Elders to share their stories with and for future generations. We are getting started and plan on creating sanctuary both on the web and in physical spaces for these stories to be compiled to be accessible in a variety of ways. We still need help in getting that up. We have stories from several elders to edit and protect and are ready given the right people step up to help. 


Now we envision having a website where people can upload their stories for inclusion in the project and for others to meet in person and be either interviewed by a professional volunteer with TOLIS at a variety of settings. We can see spaces in both electronic and physical media for these stories to be offered to our community.

Right now we record our Council Leadership trainings, for addition to the PEEP Sanctuary once we have it up and running, but really need some help to make this a viable, active program of our association. 


Perhaps you are a person to help with this project? We need you! Please reach out today. It's an awesome opportunity to meet interesting people and learn more about our oral history and pagan traditions.

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The PEEPS Project

Would you like to support our efforts?

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