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Who and what are we?

History Being Built Now

December, 2017, the Tree of Life Interfaith Sanctuary (TOLIS) was born. It is an association of spiritual nature-centered Practitioners and Groups with programs to benefit our common community. The TOLIS exists to help NetWork solitaires and circles of Naturecentric Interfaith Traditions by supporting the creation of Sanctuary Spaces, Leadership Training, and preservation of history and Teachings.


We promote the creation of sanctuary spaces both physical and metaphysical to help our Earth and those who revere Nature as central to their spiritual Paths to actually practice our faiths in safety and supportive societies. We provide Leadership support through our Council meetings held quarterly and our annual Leadership Summit, which includes leadership trainings. We work to preserve these Teachings shared with our PEEPs program and helping to network and promote other traditions' Work to conserve oral histories, writings and art.


Our board is working deliberately to create a strong foundation from which to build a network of projects and services to improve and sustain community resources based upon these three areas of focus.

Our Board Members are Sarah Heartsong, Main Sanctuary Servant; Joshua Rex Vanderhoof, President; Karl Feret, Speaker of the Land;  Jeff Winter, Interim Secretary; and Xyla Risotti, Treasurer. Alishia Jones and Iris Zabrine Grey are our "Members at Large" to the board. (This picture was take at our installation of officers in April, 2018 with our initial board.)

Founding TOLIS Board.jpg
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