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Where Solitaires and Circles connect to build community.

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TOLIS's Statement of Belief

At the Tree of Life Interfaith Sanctuary we…

…Believe that Land, Living Beings, and their Communities are sacred and should be treated accordingly with respect and dignity, all being considered, to the greatest degree possible, when making decisions.

…Celebrate commonalities in our human journey, symbolized by the visual image of the cosmological Tree of Life, whose Teachings spread across the Earth.

…Are informed by personal revelation from divine, as well as through traditions and teachings, illuminating Ways of Spirit, which reside within each of us and uniquely manifest in the world.

…Recognize that Divinity manifests in Multiple, sometimes Paradoxical Ways and our world is beyond binaries.

…Worship without walls and pray through service to others, by creating and sustaining sacred physical and metaphysical spaces where all following the roadmap provided by the Tree of Life can come to be safe and openly practice, through education, and by walking our talk in all our Life’s Work to the best of our ability. 

…Believe that all acts of honoring, protection, preservation and healing of Earth and Earth’s creatures are acts of Spirit.

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Our Mission

We Serve

* To establish and promote community and culture committed to protecting and honoring the connection to Sacred Spirit residing within each of us by fostering friendship and a spirit of kinship among people walking the spiritual map provided by the Tree of Life.

* To celebrate the diverse branches on the Tree of Life, which manifest both communally(through our cultural traditions/beliefs/practices) and in our individual Work (personal devotion and spiritual practice).

* To help the Earth, whose health is central to humanity’s collective well being.

* To create sanctuary in both physical and metaphysical spaces to practice spirituality, promote community service and education, and to offer ordination and overseeing of Interfaith Ministers.

The TOLIS Vision

Our Three-fold Vision

At TOLIS we focus on three basic areas in the development of our projects and services.

  • Preservation of stories and Teachings from our elders (the PEEPS project)

  • Creation and support of Land Sanctuaries.

  • Support of Nature-Centered Spiritual Leaders

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Contact TOLIS

Get in touch with Tree of Life Interfaith Sanctuary to learn more about our work and how you or your group can get involved.

We recently added membership information on this site at the top with the policies and procedures for groups or individuals. Please see those pages for more info. Currently the process is to donate at least the minimum of $10 (link to PayPal at top of page). The donation will prompt a direct communication from the Main Sanctuary Servant (Rev. Sarah Heartsong) with the membership form via direct email and she will answer any questions from there.

For ordination within the TOLIS, please speak directly to Rev. Heartsong who will explain the process by emailing or calling. We will be updating the site with more info on ordination in the upcoming days as well.

Donations can be sent via PayPal (link at top).

Thank you for your interest and support! 





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